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            發布人:管理員   發布時間:2020-6-30


            China's slope protection steel mold industry is basically a tooling industry which is mainly self-produced and self-made within enterprises and attached to product production. It has developed into a capital intensive and technology intensive equipment manufacturing industry with considerable scale and high-tech industry characteristics.


            The basic design principle of slope protection steel mold is also very simple. It only needs to determine the batch size, molding equipment, precision conditions, geometry, dimensional stability and surface quality of the forming die.



            The company's advanced technology, excellent quality of slope protection steel mold, preferential price and considerate after-sales service, wholeheartedly create high-efficiency and high-quality slope protection steel mold products for all walks of life,.3


            On the basis of domestic advanced production equipment and high-precision product detection system, we can ensure high-quality and zero defects of mould products, and perfect the operation of the enterprise with the most humanized, scientific and intensive management mode and excellent process equipment, so as to develop and expand the sustainable operation, realize value multiplication, and continue to consolidate the advantages of mold in the same industry, Improve the customer's continuous satisfaction with the slope protection steel mold.