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            發布人:管理員   發布時間:2020-7-4


            China's slope protection steel mold industry is basically a tooling industry which is mainly self-produced and self-made within enterprises and attached to product production. It has developed into a capital intensive and technology intensive equipment manufacturing industry with considerable scale and high-tech industry characteristics. It is the mold production from the traditional, fitter master as the leading technical manual production mode, into the general use of digital, information design and production technology of modern industry
            The era of production. China's mold industry has developed from a single form of public enterprises to a new pattern of private enterprises dominated by various forms of ownership


            .The structure of the ecological slope protection mold is various, and the evolution process from the early hexagonal slope protection mold to the ecological slope protection mold is also innovative. The shape of the slope protection mold is relatively special. Considering the strict requirements of the slope protection project, the ecology is very strict.



            The system of supporting service for mold manufacturing is becoming more and more perfect, and the system of China's mold industry is basically complete. The modern development mode of slope protection steel mold industry is marching forward, and the enterprise tenet is "mold development platform built for slope steel mold industry development enterprises to participate in global competition", and based on the international mold industry with the largest scale, the highest level and the widest influence, it plays an important role in improving the development of China's mold industry.

            我廠以質量求生存! 以新品求發展! 抵制金融風暴.支持市政建設,全心全意為客戶服務!有你們辛勤的付出,才有我們美麗的家園!質量是企業的生命,款式齊全,100%新料。
            Our factory strives for survival by quality! Strives for development with new products! Resists the financial storm. Supports the municipal construction, wholeheartedly serves the customer! Has you diligently paid, only then has our beautiful homeland! The quality is the enterprise life, the style is complete, 100% new material.