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            發布人:管理員   發布時間:2020-7-14


            Slope protection steel mold has high hardness and strong deformation resistance, which can be used to produce large-scale steel product mould. The cast-in-situ concrete arch skeleton of slope protection on both sides of Expressway and high-speed railway, ladder type ecological slope protection frame and tile type slope protection ecological frame are all made of slope protection steel mold.


            The slope protection steel mold is a combined structure, which is more convenient for workers to operate. The specification and size of the mold can be customized, including fixed type and combined type. From small size to large size, the structure design meets the requirements of convenient operation, saves time and labor, improves construction efficiency, and has selectivity for users.



            Different properties of steel in the use of the process has different effects, because in the die heat treatment process will occur volume changes, bending and other situations, so in order to ensure the quality of the die, the steel requirements are very high, especially the shape of complex precision mold

            我們可以使用微變形模具鋼來制作,在模具整體的標準上會更符合要求一些。 護坡鋼模具的加工基本上是不用擔心的,現代技術的不斷發展也是給護坡鋼模具帶來了更大的影響。

            We can use micro deformation die steel to make, in the overall standard of the mold will be more in line with the requirements. There is no need to worry about the processing of slope protection steel mold. The continuous development of modern technology has also brought greater impact on the slope protection steel mold.