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            發布人:管理員   發布時間:2020-7-21


            The new type of slope protection steel mold products are mainly made by the production equipment with fully automatic production process, wide range of material applicability and the ability to use a variety of materials to manufacture different molds. The biggest feature of the slope protection steel mould factory is that it is made by injection of raw materials,


            The product has high brightness, good toughness, no deformation, no damage, long service life, low cost investment and high benefit return. There are many enterprises specialized in design and production of slope protection steel mold, with advanced slope protection steel mold production equipment, and can produce various types of products.



            It can not only meet the requirements of the market for innovation and good quality, but also meet the requirements of good quality and low price. The huge exciting force ensures that a large number of waste ash and slag can be used to produce various high-quality load-bearing and non load-bearing products; the products have good compactness, high strength, good frost resistance, impermeability, sound insulation, heat insulation, excellent heat preservation performance, and accurate shape;.


            Mold high technology, high quality, high service, high efficiency, to ensure a high rate of return on investment. With the advantages of heat preservation, high strength and light weight, it can completely replace the pad machine in small workshops and has an outstanding market prospect. Slope protection steel mold is a new type of building materials production equipment, which has been widely implemented in many villages and towns, and has made great contributions to China's environmental protection work.